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Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Dental implants may be able to give you the permanent solution you’ve been searching for!

Dental implant procedure is one which replaces a lost or non-restorable tooth with a metal screw-like post (implant). An artificial tooth is added to the implant to give you the most realistic looking and functional tooth replacement option. Often used as an alternative to dental bridges or used when working in the “esthetic zone” (front teeth), dental implants are commonly cited as being the Gold standard for tooth replacement and is the best permanent replacement option currently available for most missing or severely broken teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Known for being the most natural looking tooth replacement option
  • The ability to floss between adjacent teeth, giving you the feeling of real teeth!
  • Permanent fixed solution, unlike dentures and removable appliances, implants remain in your mouth without the hassle of taking them in and out.
  • Protection of the adjacent teeth, as opposed to dental bridge, no tooth preparation or shaving down will occur, leaving your teeth undisturbed and free of possible sensitivity.
  • Strength, Dental implant teeth are made from the strongest materials available ensuring you can chew without worry.
  • Prevent bone loss. Following tooth loss, the bone where the tooth was lost will start to resorb over time. This can cause shifting or tilting of the remaining teeth.

What is the process of getting a dental implant?

The dental implant procedure will involve a consultation with your Dentist to ensure dental implants are right for you. This will usually involve taking a dental x-ray as well as measurements inside the mouth to review and examine the space needed to fill any gap that you wish. The dental implant will then be placed the following visit.

Placement of a dental implant is typically a pain free and simple procedure with little to no healing time required. Once the implant is placed both verbal and written after care instructions will be provided to you. Once the healing is complete, the implant is ready for a tooth! Our dentists will go over shapes and shades to make sure the match is as close as possible giving you the most natural result.

Does getting a dental implant hurt?

The process of placing a dental implant is ‘relatively’ painless. The local anesthetic used does a very good job at alleviating any potential discomfort. Most find the procedure easier than a dental extraction. Placing a dental implant is still a surgery and its normal to expect some discomfort and extra care after the procedure. 

If you are considering a dental implant, please call us today at Liberty Dental Centre in Bowmanville to schedule a consultation.

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